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Ellen is currently clinical director of INNER BALANCE in Northbrook, IL and Palm Springs, CA. To watch an introduction to INNER BALANCE, please click HERE

To receive ongoing information about INNER BALANCE EVENTS please click HERE and you will be directed to our "INNER BALANCE Meditation" Meetup Group website.

Learn more about Ellen by visiting any of these sites:

The Creative Imposter click HERE
GoodTherapy click HERE
Psychology Today click HERE AAMFT/Therapist Locator click HERE
What is Therapy
? click HERE
Agitation and Anxiety click HERE
The Creative Imposter click HERE

Emotional Shock Recovery 

(Click on any of the sections below. The Series below was published using Microsoft PowerPoint)    
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Inspirational Music and Meditations

Meditations For Soul Healing  by DJ Taz Rashid and Ellen Katz, MS, LMFT Click HERE to experience and enjoy.

Helpful Resources

Byron Katie author of Loving What Is
Ekhart Tolle author of A New Earth 
Jack Kornfield author of Path With Heart Rick Hanson author of The Buddha's Brain Wayne Muller author of Legacy of the Heart
Adyashnati author of Falling into Grace Heart Math Institute Alcoholics Anonymous click HERE to find a meeting      
Al Anon click HERE to find a meeting
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