My Vision

Not long ago I realized that two childhood fantasies probably impacted my life and they were born of the world crises of the time. One was the fact that many of my mother’s family members had died at the hands of the Nazis in Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The other was the fact that the Cold War was afoot during my earliest years of consciousness. Talk about Communists, atomic bomb threats, concentration camps and related images were rampant and would creep up frequently from the recesses of my subconscious mind.

My nascent codependent self wanted to run to Khrushchev and convince him that we could and should all just get along. With enough coquettish sweetness, couldn’t I convince him? And the concentration camps – they haunted me with fear until I had a breakthrough: I would simply dedicate my life to learning how to take care of my internal being, no matter what anyone said or did around me, or to me

These early perceptions were undoubtedly fundamental in the making of my personality, my career and my relationships, yet I never thought about them consciously until now. 

We are not aware of the forces that move us in our lives.  It's not always the fireworks or the screaming trauma, but the backdrop, the understated moment, the comments, embarrassments, betrayals... that slip under the radar and lodge in our unconscious, beckoned in an instant when a seemingly benign trigger is pulled. As a therapist I find myself being a detective, an improv actor, gentle healer, intuitive narrator, creative translator, fierce advocate, enduring teacher, patient discerner and discerning navigator. The process only starts at the surface. Symptoms are messages, calling to be understood and heeded.

Therapy uniquely can often be delightfully silly, light and playful, but just as easily it becomes illuminating, emotionally intimate or cathartic.  It is always authentic.  It is about our connection with each other, and the evolving relationship with yourself (including younger and older selves) that I help you engender... a conscious relationship where you can finally get what you need.  It's about finding a way to connect with something bigger than your ego, a Higher Self or Universal Soul.   I have somehow been given the ability to language things. It is a gift for me. My intuitive self feels what you feel, understands you from the inside out, and can put the words to your experience that have been elusive for you.  My perceptions and understandings are meant to be given back to the person I'm with. 

There is a magic, a quality of respect and love that spontaneously emerges in this work. It has been a dally gift. I am humbled, grateful, and more than anything, blown away at the fact that I have been given this work as my life’s focus. I can’t imagine anything more exciting, enriching, engaging and elevating.

Thank you for coming to visit my Website. Narcissistic as it may be to write all about ourselves, my real purpose here is to disclose - so that there are no secrets.  I want you to know me. If you can get that, I’m hoping that you’ll be more comfortable or willing to let me – or someone – get to know you.

I sincerely offer you blessings on your journey.  And I'm hoping that this site offers you something that will feed, challenge, provoke or in some other way enrich your own personal healing process.  Be sure to check out my favorite resources.  There are never too many good teachers in our lives.    


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